Job Cost Quoting for Construction Projects

Flexible quoting tool

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Customizable templates

Customizable proposal templates

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Real-time material and labor pricing

Without access to real-time pricing you are guessing and not estimating. Quadra integrates with your inventory module to pull prices and stock levels in real-time. You can also import material items and prices directly from your suppliers ensuring you have 100% accurate estimates. If you copy estimates or have a bid with expired pricing, you can refresh prices with the click of your mouse. Quadra also support divisional pricing for enterprise organizations.

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visibility into the sales

Visibility into the sales process

Whether it is a manager approving pricing on a bid or a customer signing off on a quote, Quadra logs and tracks every action taken on a job. With multiple approval thresholds you can customize your Approvals to match your business practices. With Quadra’s bid generator, you can have any number of customized bid documents ranging from a simple one pager to complex contracts.

Version control and change order management

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version control
Invoice lifecycle

Key Features:

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